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Empower Your Capital Market Operations with Capizar®

Complete Capital Market Suite


In the realm of finance, where market dynamics change by the second and regulatory requirements grow increasingly complex, the need for innovative solutions like InfoTech’s Capizar® has never been more critical. Today’s financial landscape demands not only efficiency and speed but also rigorous compliance and risk management. Capital market professionals are faced with a myriad of challenges, from navigating intricate trading environments to ensuring seamless clearing and settlement processes while complying with evolving regulations. Capizar® steps in as the much-needed partner to tackle these challenges head-on. Our suite of Capizar® products has been engineered to not just meet but exceed these challenges.

Experience Enhanced Capital Market Solutions with Capizar®​

Capizar® is the result of extensive collaboration between our team of industry professionals and capital market experts. With deep domain knowledge and a forward-thinking approach, we understand the intricate nuances of capital markets. Capizar® empowers financial institutions to streamline their operations, enhance risk management, and ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations. It is the answer to achieving operational excellence in an industry where every millisecond counts and every regulation matters.

Key Features and Benefits of Capizar®

Comprehensive Suite

Capizar® encompasses various product areas, including Matching Engine, Broker Systems, Algorithmic Trading, Surveillance Systems, Clearing and settlement, Depository, Compliance Systems, and Order Management. Each module is designed to meet the unique needs of market operators, regulators, clearing / settlement/depository companies, and brokerage firms.

Advanced Functionality

Our Capizar® suite introduces numerous innovations that align with modern challenges and strategic objectives in emerging markets. With a combination of industry experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art implementation, these solutions cater to end-to-end requirements, ensuring operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Powerful Market Operator Tools

Capizar® offers an Automated Trading System (ATS) with an extreme performance and highly efficient traffic routing engine. It supports multi-instrument, multi-exchange, and multi-market trading with low latency and robust pre-trade risk management. Experience safe and compliant trading at blinding speeds.

Efficient IPO Management

Capizar® Book Building System (BBS) module facilitates thousands of users participating simultaneously in price discovery during registration of issues and IPO. It enables registration of institutional investors, publishes electronic prospectuses, and streamlines the IPO process, integrating it with relevant capital market stakeholders.

Real-time Market Surveillance

Capizar® Market Surveillance System (MSS) empowers regulators and compliance departments with a flexible and intuitive interface for real-time monitoring. Detect and prevent market manipulation with unlimited customizable alerts. MSS seamlessly integrates case management tools to ensure swift action when anomalies are detected.

Streamlined Clearing, Settlement & Depository Processes

Capizar® Electronic Depository System (EDS) automates the management of issued securities, ensuring transaction safety, eliminating the need for physical shares, and creating an integrated database of shareholders' accounts. Capizar® Clearing & Settlement System (CSS) enables efficient securities settlement for multiple instruments, reducing operational complexities.

Seamless Brokerage Operations

Capizar® Order Management System (OMS) provides real-time Internet trading capabilities to brokerage firms. It supports all trading instruments, interfaces with multiple external entities, and offers advanced features such as real-time order and trade confirmations, online order placement, and comprehensive analytics. The Brokerage Back Office (BBO) automates the entire order-to-settlement process, enhancing internal processes and boosting productivity.

Post-Trade Reporting and Analysis

Capizar® Post Trade Reporting System (PTRS) alleviates the challenges brokers face in reconciling trade positions and retrieving historical information. PTRS incorporates industry-standard practices for monitoring, reporting, risk control, and compliance. Gain valuable insights to optimize trading strategies for clear net gains.

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Redefining Capital Market Solutions

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