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Case Studies

Deploying a comprehensive cybersecurity module for Gatron Group

Gatron (Industries) Limited is a Pakistan-based company, which is engaged in the manufacturing of polyester filament yarn through its self-produced polyester polymer/chips. The company has been operational since 1980. In its partnership with Infotech Group, Gatron Group strengthened its Cyber Security & Networks.

InfoTech Group facilitated the provisioning and deployment of the full suite of f5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition Best Bundles at Gatron Industries. The solution includes modules like Local Traffic Manager, SDN Services, Global Traffic Manager (GSLB), DNS Services, DNSSEC, Advanced Firewall Manager, Application Acceleration Manager, Application Security Manager, and Access Policy Manager. Leveraging F5® BIG-IP® Virtual Editions (VEs), Gatron Group can ensure seamless traffic management across hypervisors and clouds, simplifying migration with CI/CD pipeline integration. With F5 BIG-IQ® Centralized Management, centralized control for multi-cloud applications, enhancing agility can be provided. The deployment, streamlined through F5’s Automation Toolchain, ensures efficiency and reliability with tools like Ansible, Jenkins, and Terraform.

With a focus on robust security and optimized traffic management, InfoTech Group’s solution guaranteed peak performance and protection across diverse environments, integrating seamlessly with container orchestration platforms.