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Case Studies

Enhancing Cyber Resilience for Shopdev

Shopdev, a prominent full-service technology and data science firm renowned for its expertise in software and product development, has embarked on a strategic partnership with InfoTech Group to fortify its cyber security infrastructure. In collaboration, we have orchestrated the deployment of Fortinet’s cutting-edge Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solution.

Utilizing InfoTech Group’s cyber security service, Shopdev has seamlessly integrated the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall equipment, complemented by FortiGuard licenses, into its network architecture. This deployment not only empowers Shopdev with advanced security capabilities but also facilitates the delivery of integrated Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and NGFW functionalities.

With a focus on robust security and streamlined management, our collaboration ensures proactive threat prevention and smooth operational continuity for Shopdev. Leveraging Fortinet’s continuous threat intelligence, derived from FortiGuard Labs, Shopdev benefits from security standards that safeguard its digital assets against emerging cyber threats.

Furthermore, the Security Fabric’s seamless integration within Shopdev’s network environment enhances efficiency by providing a unified platform for threat detection and automated remediation. This holistic approach to cyber security not only bolsters Shopdev’s defenses but also optimizes its operational workflows, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity and enhancing overall productivity.