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Case Studies

Fortifying Cyber Resilience for Nishat Power Limited

Nishat Power Limited (NPL), established as a public limited company in February 2007 under the framework of the Power Policy 2002, operates as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). As a subsidiary of Nishat Mills Limited, its ordinary shares are publicly traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The core operational objective of NPL revolves around the construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance of a fuel-fired power station boasting a gross capacity of 200 MW in Jamber Kalan, Tehsil Pattoki, District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.

Recognizing the critical importance of cyber security in today’s digital landscape, NPL partnered with InfoTech Group to fortify its defenses against evolving cyber threats. Leveraging InfoTech Group’s expertise in the realm of network security, the collaboration culminated in the implementation of advanced cyber security solutions tailored to NPL’s specific requirements. Notably, InfoTech Group facilitated the provisioning of FortiGate Next Generation Firewall equipment, complemented by FortiGuard licenses, thus empowering NPL with state-of-the-art security capabilities.

The integration of FortiGate Next Generation Firewall equipment equips NPL with advanced features such as intrusion prevention, application control, and web filtering, all essential components of a comprehensive cyber defense strategy. Additionally, the inclusion of FortiGuard licenses ensures access to real-time threat intelligence feeds from FortiGuard Labs, enhancing NPL’s ability to proactively identify and mitigate emerging threats.

Furthermore, the deployment of integrated SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) capabilities alongside Next Generation Firewall functionalities augments NPL’s network resilience and performance. This enables efficient traffic routing, application prioritization, and dynamic bandwidth allocation, thereby optimizing network resources and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

By partnering with InfoTech Group and adopting cutting-edge cyber security solutions from Fortinet, NPL demonstrates its unwavering commitment to safeguarding its critical infrastructure against cyber threats. The collaboration underscores NPL’s proactive stance in addressing the ever-evolving cyber security landscape while ensuring uninterrupted and secure power generation operations for the benefit of its stakeholders and the broader community.