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Case Studies

Implementing Cyber Security Solution for Pak Suzuki Motor Company

Established in 1983, Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited has become a cornerstone of Pakistan’s automotive industry, renowned for its dedication to excellence and innovation. In its ongoing quest to fortify its technological infrastructure, Pak Suzuki has once again partnered with InfoTech Group to significantly upgrade its cybersecurity framework by integrating Kemp LoadMaster.

Kemp LoadMaster delivers comprehensive traffic management capabilities, ensuring efficient distribution of Pak Suzuki’s critical applications across multiple servers. This enhances IT service performance and reliability, mitigating server overloads and downtime. By intelligently routing traffic, Kemp LoadMaster keeps Pak Suzuki’s online services accessible and responsive, even during peak times, which is vital for supporting its extensive network of dealers, customers, and supply chain partners.

Additionally, Kemp LoadMaster provides advanced security features, including web application firewall (WAF) capabilities, SSL offloading, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). These features protect Pak Suzuki from various cyber threats such as DDoS attacks, data breaches, and other malicious activities. SSL offloading manages encrypted data traffic efficiently, reducing the processing burden on servers and enhancing overall security. The WAF capabilities inspect incoming web traffic and block malicious requests before reaching critical applications.

Kemp LoadMaster also enhances Pak Suzuki’s disaster recovery strategies. Continuous health checks and automatic failover mechanisms ensure that traffic is seamlessly redirected to backup servers if one server fails, maintaining operational continuity and protecting sensitive automotive data.

This collaboration marks the second successful partnership between InfoTech Group and Pak Suzuki, emphasizing a strong and ongoing relationship.