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Case Studies

Implementing Trade Finance
Solutions for Bank of Beirut

Found in 1963, Bank of Beirut is a leading bank in providing commercial, corporate, private, investment, asset management, and retail banking in Lebanon and overseas. InfoTech Group, being the sole partner of Finastra in Pakistan for their advanced trade finance solutions, including Fusion Trade Innovation (FTI) and Fusion Corporate Channels (FCC), provided Bank of Beirut with FCC Implementation, FCC Customization, and FCC Upgrade & Branding Support.

FCC Implementation

InfoTech Group’s expertise in FCC Implementation ensured that Bank of Beirut seamlessly integrated the platform into its existing systems. This integration was pivotal for enhancing the bank’s operational efficiency and providing a more robust digital banking experience to its customers. The meticulous implementation process minimized disruptions and maximized the benefits of the advanced features of FCC.

FCC Customization

Through FCC Customization, InfoTech Group tailored the Fusion Corporate Channels to meet the specific needs and preferences of Bank of Beirut. This customization included the development of specific functionalities and interfaces that aligned with the bank’s strategic goals and customer requirements. By customizing FCC, Bank of Beirut was able to offer more personalized and competitive banking solutions.

FCC Upgrade & Branding Support

InfoTech Group’s FCC Upgrade & Branding Support played a crucial role in keeping Bank of Beirut at the forefront of digital banking innovation. Regular upgrades ensured that the bank always had access to the latest features and security enhancements. The branding support helped in maintaining a consistent and appealing brand image across all digital platforms, reinforcing customer trust and loyalty.