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Case Studies

IBM Cognos BI & Informatica ETL tools installation for Dubai Customs, UAE

InfoTech Group accomplished a significant milestone by successfully implementing a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution for Dubai Customs. This project entailed the supply and installation of IBM Cognos BI and Informatica ETL tools, complemented by a custom-developed SCC application, to serve as a robust reporting platform for both internal and customer-facing purposes.

Central to this endeavor was the integration of disparate data sources into a unified, rationalized data mart. This involved the meticulous cleansing and updating of data, guided by predefined rules set by Customs-business Owners, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The implemented solution facilitates both pre-defined and ad-hoc reporting, catering to the diverse reporting needs of Dubai Customs. This empowers stakeholders with actionable insights derived from comprehensive data analysis, fostering informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the solution enables seamless access to reporting functionalities for both internal use and public consumption, enhancing transparency and facilitating stakeholder engagement.

InfoTech Group’s successful execution of this project underscores its commitment to delivering tailored and innovative solutions that empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data for strategic advantage.