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Case Studies

Gatronova Group Boosts Efficiency with IBM & SLES Partnership

InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. and Gatronova Group

Gatronova Group, a leading provider of chemicals, textiles, and packaging products with a strong foothold across 27 businesses in Pakistan, is poised for global expansion. Collaborating with IBM Systems Lab Services and IBM Business Partner, InfoTech Group, Gatronova Group has embarked on a transformative journey by implementing the new IBM Power platform alongside the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications operating system.

This strategic partnership with InfoTech Group has empowered Gatronova to harness the power of IBM technology for lean and competitive operations while seamlessly integrating digital innovations into their business ventures. By reimagining their processes and embracing a technology-driven approach, Gatronova Group has achieved significant operational cost savings, cutting approximately 40% on space, power, and cooling expenses through the adoption of IBM Power solutions. Moreover, InfoTech Group has equipped Gatronova with SAP, the largest landscape available in the market, further enhancing their operational capabilities and efficiency.

Atif Najam, the CIO of Gatronova Group, commended the smooth deployment of the new infrastructure, attributing the success to the unwavering support and assistance provided by InfoTech Group and IBM Systems Lab Services teams throughout the process. He stated, “The deployment of our new infrastructure ran very smoothly, and we found the InfoTech Group and IBM Systems Lab Services teams supportive and always ready to help.”

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, Gatronova Group is poised to navigate the challenges of global expansion while maintaining operational excellence and driving sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market landscape.