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Case Studies

RITA, Tanzania: Govtech Solutions for Enhanced Governance

InfoTech Group has achieved a significant milestone by providing a comprehensive solution to RITA, the Government of Tanzania, leveraging its innovative digital citizen services platform, GeReg®. This platform has revolutionized the administration of vital events such as births, deaths, marriages, as well as the management of estates and public trusts.

GeReg® stands as a beacon of excellence in smart citizen services across Africa. By digitalizing the registration processes for births and deaths, the platform has streamlined operations and improved accessibility, particularly in rural areas. The system’s accessibility via any internet-enabled device has transformed the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient for citizens to register vital events.

Through this successful implementation, InfoTech Group has demonstrated its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance governance and citizen services. GeReg® not only sets a benchmark for digital innovation in Tanzania but also paves the way for similar advancements across the African continent.