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Case Studies

Customs Automated System for the Government of Somalia

InfoTech Group spearheaded a transformative initiative by delivering a comprehensive Customs Automated System solution to the Government of Somalia. This endeavor involved the automation of critical customs processes, ranging from declaration administration and duty calculation to risk management and inter-departmental coordination, all aligned with World Customs Organization (WCO) standards.

The primary objective was to streamline customs operations and facilitate trade by providing an efficient, automated platform for customs declaration and clearance. Through this initiative, InfoTech Group introduced a range of benefits, including paperless operations, cost-effectiveness, enhanced security, scalability, and robustness, ensuring optimal functionalities for all stakeholders involved.

The implemented system seamlessly connected key entities such as traders, customs brokers, shipping agents, port authorities, commercial banks, the Central Bank of Somalia, and various government agencies. This integration facilitated trade facilitation by enabling smoother coordination and communication among stakeholders, ultimately fostering a more efficient and transparent trade environment in Somalia.

InfoTech Group’s successful delivery of the Customs Automated System underscores its commitment to leveraging technology for governance enhancement and economic development. By introducing modern, automated solutions, InfoTech Group continues to drive positive change and efficiency gains in customs operations, contributing to Somalia’s broader socio-economic advancement agenda.