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Case Studies

Infrastructure Upgrade for Soneri Bank Limited

Soneri Bank Limited is a leading full-service commercial bank established on September 28th, 1991, to provide innovative financial solutions and quality customer service. Over the years, we have grown our branch network and now operate with over 450+ branches and ATMs across Pakistan, including 50 Islamic Banking branches. Drawing upon InfoTech Group’s expertise in Information Technology (IT) solutions and its deep understanding of the banking industry, Soneri Bank has seamlessly integrated the new complaint management system into its operations.

InfoTech Group facilitated Customer First Complaint on SharePoint Exchange for Soneri Bank Limited. The implementation of Customer First Complaint on SharePoint Exchange has significantly bolstered Soneri Bank’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction metrics, thereby fortifying its position as a premier financial institution in Pakistan’s competitive landscape. Leveraging this innovative solution, Soneri Bank has streamlined its complaint management process, ensuring swift resolution of customer grievances and fostering a culture of responsiveness and accountability within the organization.

By integrating Customer First Complaint on SharePoint Exchange into its existing infrastructure, Soneri Bank has gained access to a robust platform equipped with advanced features such as automated ticketing, real-time tracking, and comprehensive analytics capabilities. This has enabled the bank to efficiently manage and prioritize complaints, allocate resources effectively, and proactively identify recurring issues or trends, empowering it to implement targeted solutions and preventive measures.