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Case Studies

Optimizing Performance in Al-Tayer Group’s IBM Power Servers

Al-Tayer Group, a leading business conglomerate in the UAE, partnered with InfoTech Group for reliable hardware maintenance services for their IBM Power Servers. InfoTech provided a comprehensive solution tailored to Al-Tayer’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime for their critical systems.

Al-Tayer Group’s IBM AIX environment required dedicated support to maintain its performance and reliability. The specific challenges included ensuring 24/7 availability of IBM Power Servers, quick response and resolution times for any hardware issues, and regular updates and maintenance to prevent unexpected downtimes. InfoTech proposed a robust maintenance agreement featuring 24/7 support with a telephonic response time of 30 minutes for critical issues, guaranteed response times based on the severity of the issue—two-hour response and five-hour resolution for critical issues, twelve-hour response and twenty-four-hour resolution for medium issues, and twenty-four-hour response for low priority issues. The agreement also included comprehensive coverage for replacing faulty parts, firmware upgrades, and device driver updates, as well as regular health checks and preventive maintenance to ensure system reliability and performance.

The project implementation involved several key steps. Initially, InfoTech conducted a thorough pre-agreement inspection to understand Al-Tayer Group’s existing infrastructure and specific needs. A dedicated team of technical experts was then assigned to manage and support Al-Tayer’s IBM AIX environment, providing continuous monitoring and support to promptly address and resolve any issues.

The partnership between InfoTech and Al-Tayer Group resulted in significant improvements in system performance and reliability. Key benefits included reduced downtime due to quick response and efficient resolution of hardware issues, streamlined operations with reduced administrative costs through process automation and self-service capabilities, and the ability to scale support according to Al-Tayer Group’s growing needs, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Al-Tayer Group expressed high satisfaction with InfoTech’s services. The seamless integration and continuous support significantly contributed to their operational success and helped them achieve their business goals.