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Case Studies

Streamlining Operations for Z2C Limited

Found in 1997 and headquartered in Karachi, Z2C is a communications company. It is now pivoting itself, as a business, using technology to monetize entertainment, social, sports, and commerce. In a strategic collaboration with InfoTech Group, Z2C underwent a significant infrastructural upgrade: Google to M365 migration.

InfoTech Group facilitated the migration from Google’s suite of productivity tools to Microsoft 365. This transition encompassed the seamless transfer of email accounts, documents, calendars, and other digital assets from Google’s ecosystem to Microsoft’s. The move to Microsoft 365 has offered Z2C several advantages. Firstly, it provides a suite of productivity tools that integrate seamlessly, fostering smoother collaboration and communication among employees. Moreover, the familiarity and compatibility of Microsoft products have eased the transition process, especially for businesses already accustomed to working within the Microsoft ecosystem. Enhanced security features within Microsoft 365, including data encryption and threat protection, offer Z2C robust protection for its sensitive information. Additionally, the unified management tools of Microsoft 365 streamline administrative tasks, reducing complexity and improving efficiency. Microsoft’s extensive support and training resources aid Z2C’s employees in quickly adapting to the new software, maximizing productivity.