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Case Studies

United Bank Limited’s Digital Transformation

United Bank Limited (UBL) stands as a prominent Pakistani multinational commercial bank headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Acknowledged for its substantial presence and contributions to the national financial landscape, UBL earned the designation of a domestic systemically important bank by the State Bank of Pakistan in 2020, solidifying its pivotal role in the country’s banking sector.

In a pivotal move towards enhancing its technological infrastructure, InfoTech Group spearheaded the seamless transition of United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan, from Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to DevOps, signifying a momentous stride in the bank’s digital evolution. The transition from Microsoft TFS, renowned for its robust collaboration capabilities, to DevOps, an all-encompassing suite of tools and methodologies facilitating automation, collaboration, and continuous delivery, marked a significant enhancement in UBL’s software development lifecycle. This migration not only streamlined UBL’s operations but also bolstered its efficiency and agility, propelling it into a new era of technological adeptness.

Transitioning to DevOps empowered UBL with unprecedented real-time insights into project statuses, fostering improved collaboration among development teams while significantly expediting time-to-market for novel features and updates. The adoption of DevOps not only catalyzed operational efficiency but also instilled a culture of perpetual enhancement and innovation within UBL, enabling the bank to swiftly adapt to evolving market dynamics and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. This landmark achievement not only underscores InfoTech Group’s prowess in orchestrating digital transformations but also reflects its steadfast commitment to catalyzing innovation within the banking sector.