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Accelerate Customs Procedures and Boost Efficiency with Cobalt®

Customs Automation System

As global trade continues to surge, so do the complexities of customs procedures. Cobalt® emerges as the ultimate solution to meet these challenges head-on. In an era where efficiency, compliance, and transparency are paramount, Cobalt® steps in to simplify customs declaration and clearance procedures with seamless integration and smart automation. We understand the pressing need to cut through the red tape and digitize customs processes for greater productivity. Cobalt® is not just a system; it’s a catalyst for trade evolution.

Streamlined Customs Automation with Cobalt®

Born from the latest technological stack, Cobalt® delivers a transformative experience in customs declaration and clearance procedures. It’s a solution that thrives in an era where paperless, cost-effective, secure, scalable, and robust capabilities are not just desirable but essential. Cobalt® is your key to unlocking unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in customs operations.

Automation Excellence

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and streamline your customs declaration processes. Cobalt® automates cargo and goods declaration for all stakeholders, simplifying and expediting the entire customs clearance journey.

Accurate Value Calculation

Ensure precise customs and statistical value calculations with Cobalt®. Our system automatically calculates and applies the relevant values, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

Flexible Payment Tracking

Track and manage payments seamlessly with Cobalt®. Our system supports pre, post, and deferred payment modes, providing you with comprehensive capabilities for payment calculation, tracking, and reconciliation.

Real-time Database Updates

Stay up to date with the latest customs information and regulations. Cobalt® continuously updates its database, keeping you informed of changes, updates, and requirements for efficient customs clearance.

Compliance at Its Core

Cobalt® ensures adherence to global and regional standards for cross-border trade facilitation. With features like risk management, API integrations, WCO SAFE Framework compliance, and more, cobalt® empowers you to meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Global Reach

Supports national and international clearance.

Core Functionalities

Cobalt® comprises several core components, ensuring a comprehensive customs solution:

Cargo & Goods Declarations Management

Facilitates data representation and capture with various interfaces.

Integrated Tariff Management

Conforms to the WCO Harmonized Tariff system, offers precise duty calculations, and identifies undervalued declarations.

Risk Management

Utilizes AI-based rules and criteria for risk assessment, inspection procedures, and examiner assignment.

Accounting and Payments

Manages accounts, guaranty accounts, payment statuses, and more.

Communication Channels

Utilizes Email & SMS services for process-based communication.

Mobile Accessibility

Provides mobile access through responsive design.

Reporting & Dashboard

Offers interactive dashboards and comprehensive reporting.

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Your Path to Streamlined Operations

Explore the potential of Cobalt®, your gateway to efficient Customs & Declaration Automation. Reach out now to discover how our solution can optimize your customs procedures, boost compliance, and drive operational efficiency.

Elevate your customs automation capabilities and unlock new efficiencies in your trade processes. Experience customs automation like never before. Connect with Cobalt® now.