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Future InfoTech Empowers the Future of Finance as Platinum Sponsor at Future Banking Summit 2023 Summit 23

Date: September 27, 2023

InfoTech reaffirmed its position as a leading advocate for digital transformation in the financial sector at the Future Banking Summit 2023. As a Platinum Sponsor of the event, InfoTech played a pivotal role in shaping discussions surrounding the transformative power of digitization within financial institutions and its profound impact on consumer behavior.

Mr. Naseer Akhtar, President & CEO of InfoTech, took center stage as he delivered a compelling keynote speech. He emphasized the critical importance of digitization in the financial sector and highlighted how it is reshaping consumer behavior. The event, facilitated by TOTAL Communications, provided a valuable platform for InfoTech to share insights, engage with industry leaders, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the future of banking in an increasingly digital world. InfoTech remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in the financial industry, and its participation at the Future Banking Summit exemplifies its dedication to shaping the future of finance through technology.