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Revolutionize Your Trading Operations with Infiniem® - Trading Venue Technology

Transforming Trade, Connecting Worlds


In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, capital market players must contend with mounting operational and technological hurdles. Infiniem® rises to this challenge by providing an integrated suite of modules, including INFINIEM Trade and INFINIEM Report Center, to automate the entire capital markets ecosystem, facilitating end-to-end automation for both emerging and advanced markets.

Experience the Future of Trading with Infiniem®

Infiniem® is developed by capital market professionals who recognize the industry’s growing complexities, including the need for increased automation, reduced operational costs, and the demand for seamless trading experiences. Together with Capizar®, our flagship software solution suite, Infiniem® encompasses a wide range of modules such as MARLIN® Broker Back Office, Capizar® Automated Trading System (Capizar® ATS), Capizar® Clearing, Depository, and Settlement System (Capizar® CDS), Capizar® Market Surveillance System (Capizar® MSS), and more. With our profound understanding of industry intricacies, Infiniem® is designed to be a highly configurable, next-generation solution, helping firms navigate the complexities and thrive in the world of finance.

Key Features of Infiniem®


Experience a next-generation, multi-asset, and multi-currency trading platform. Our platform offers extensive risk management capabilities and a simplified user experience. Trade with confidence and efficiency across various markets and instruments.

INFINIEM Report Center

Gain a competitive edge with our complete reporting and analysis module. Empower your team with self-service functionalities, enabling them to access and analyze critical market data in real-time. Make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Navigate Capital Markets with Confidence, Powered by Infiniem®

Maximize your trading potential with Infiniem®, the leading trading venue technology suite. Contact InfoTech today to learn more about our modules and how they can revolutionize your capital markets operations.

Experience the future of trading with Infiniem® and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving capital markets landscape. Contact us now to unlock the power of our innovative solutions.