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Case Studies


Acme Vape UK Transforms Workflows with Azure Virtual Desktop


Acme Vape Lab, a leading white-label vape manufacturer based in the UK, has gained global acclaim as the creator of IVG Premium E-Liquids. To bolster its operational efficiency and embrace modern technological solutions, Acme Vape Lab partnered with InfoTech Group to implement Azure Virtual Desktop.

InfoTech Group executed a sophisticated centralized system leveraging Azure Cloud to streamline the management of user profiles and data. Through this solution, Acme Vape Lab’s users can securely maintain their laptop or desktop profiles in the cloud, ensuring seamless access from any location or device via a web browser.

This implementation incorporates enterprise-class security measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By centralizing management, Acme Vape Lab can optimize resource allocation, proactively resolve issues, and enhance operational efficiency across its entire network infrastructure. This empowerment enables the organization to maximize its technological investments and adapt to the evolving demands of the industry.

By embracing Azure Virtual Desktop and partnering with InfoTech Group, Acme Vape Lab underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence, positioning itself for continued success in the competitive vape manufacturing market. This strategic collaboration not only enhances operational agility but also strengthens the company’s ability to deliver premium products and services to its customers worldwide.