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Case Studies


Acme Vape UK Transforms Workflows with Azure Virtual Desktop


Acme Vape Lab, a premier UK-based white-label vape manufacturer, is globally recognized as the proud creator of IVG Premium E-Liquids.

 It incorporated the Azure Virtual Desktop in its partnership/collaboration with the InfoTech Group. InfoTech Group implemented a sophisticated centralized system leveraging Azure Cloud to streamline the management of user profiles and data. Users could securely maintain their laptop or desktop profiles in the cloud, allowing seamless access from any location or device via a browser.

It incorporates enterprise-class security measures, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data and shielding against potential threats: it safeguards sensitive data and meets regulatory standards.

Centralized management extends to the entire network infrastructure, allowing for optimized resource allocation, proactive issue resolution, and enhanced operational efficiency, empowering organizations to maximize technological investments.