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Our Team

Naseer A. Akhtar

President & CEO

Naseer A. Akhtar, the President and CEO of InfoTech since its inception in 1995, is the driving force behind the company’s strategic direction and its continued success. An experienced executive with over 40 years of proven leadership in business management and technology, Naseer possesses a unique blend of business acumen and technological insight. Under his visionary leadership, InfoTech not only achieved profitability but also embarked on an incredible trajectory of double-digit year-on-year growth in global markets. Naseer’s entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for InfoTech’s success story cementing our position as an industry leader.

As a thought leader, Naseer has been a prominent voice in discussions about the growth and development of the IT industry. He has shared his insights on various national and international platforms and has served as an advisor to federal and state governments on matters of transformation, change management, and growth. Beyond his role as a successful entrepreneur, Naseer is a highly sought-after speaker and mentor. His outstanding contributions have earned him numerous industry awards and accolades and has held the prestigious position of Chairman at Pakistan’s industry association, P@SHA.

Naseer’s strategic vision has driven InfoTech to introduce innovative products, forge strategic alliances, and explore new markets. His primary focus lies in driving customer-centric approaches, shaping innovative strategies, and fostering a culture of innovation within the organization. He has overseen the development of revenue-generating product roadmaps that have disrupted major industries, including Banking & Capital Markets, GovTech (G2B & G2C Services), RegTech (Regulations, Compliances, Fraud Detection), Utilities, Smart Grids, and Transportation.

Naseer A. Akhtar’s leadership at InfoTech is characterized by his strategic vision and unwavering commitment to technology-driven solutions. His extensive industry experience and a proven track record of success guide our company towards growth and innovation. Under his guidance, InfoTech continues to shape its path as a global technology leader and make significant strides in delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industries and transform businesses.