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Simplify Government Services and Empower Citizens with Omnia® - G2C & G2B Services Platform

Decoding the Future with Digital Breakthroughs


In an era dominated by digital advancements, public sector organizations grapple with the complexities of managing extensive paperwork while aiming to provide efficient and accessible services to citizens. InfoTech’s Omnia® presents a comprehensive solution to digitize and automate government processes, significantly reducing time-to-market for services and supporting the government’s imperative digital transformation.

Streamline Government Processes, Enhance Citizen Experience

Omnia® represents a comprehensive e-government service platform meticulously crafted to streamline citizen and government services. Evolving from its former identity as GeReg ®, Omnia® serves as the linchpin of digital citizen service initiatives, simplifying intricate administrative processes and reducing the bureaucracy associated with paperwork. At its core lies a robust workflow engine equipped with an integrated architecture that seamlessly integrates with industry-standard interfaces, facilitating the swift addition of customized services. This versatility is especially noteworthy given the intricate departmental and ministerial processes it accommodates, allowing governments to swiftly launch a wide array of services.

The suite offers full-fledged Citizen Registrations, G2C Civil Services, G2C Legal Services and G2B Services. Moreover, its inter-departmental shared services and workflows underscore the flexibility embedded within the suite, making it a cornerstone of success for governments in emerging markets. Experience the transformational power of Omnia® today.

Key Features and Benefits of Omnia®

Powerful Workflow Engine

At the heart of Omnia® is a robust workflow engine that enables seamless integration with various public systems. Its flexible architecture allows for the rapid development and customization of services, ensuring a quick response to changing departmental and ministerial processes.

Comprehensive Service Suite

Omnia® offers a comprehensive suite of citizen and government services, including Citizen Registrations, G2C Civil Services (Birth, Death, Marriages, Divorces, Estates), G2C Legal Services (Land, Domicile, Travel, Verifications), and G2B Services (Business Registration, Filings, Compliance Services, Permits, and more). This versatile platform caters to the diverse needs of government agencies and promotes inter-departmental collaboration.

Seamless Integration

With industry-standard interfaces, Omnia® seamlessly integrates with existing public systems, enabling data exchange and synchronization across departments. This integration eliminates the need for multiple visits to different institutions, simplifying processes and reducing the burden on citizens.

Operational Flexibility

Omnia® provides flexible workflows and shared services that adapt to the unique requirements of government agencies. It empowers administrators to capture data at the source and propagate it seamlessly to other government systems, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your banking operations with real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. Track performance indicators, monitor customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth and operational efficiency.

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Bridging Citizens and Governments for a Digital Tomorrow

Experience the transformative power of Omnia® – G2C & G2B Services in simplifying government processes and enhancing citizen satisfaction. Contact InfoTech today to learn more about our solutions and how we can assist your organization in implementing efficient and citizen-centric e-government services.

Let Omnia® revolutionize the way your government serves its citizens, enabling a seamless and efficient digital experience for all.