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G2C & G2B Services Platform

Transform citizen and business interactions with our Omnia® platform. Omnia® (formerly known as GeReg®) is InfoTech’s e-government service platform, a ready-to-deploy solution that accelerates the launch of citizen and government services, forming the core of government clouds, smart government initiatives, and digital citizen services. With a robust workflow engine and seamless integration interfaces, Omnia® simplifies complex departmental and ministerial processes, enabling governments to swiftly introduce customized services to enhance citizen experiences. Empower your organization and elevate public services to new heights.


Digitize Your Workflow with Docyard™​

Docyard™ provides a secure and paperless platform to store, share, track, index, route, and manage documents in a structured manner, enabling companies to make full use of available information with easy access. Organizations undergoing digital transformation can especially benefit from smart document usage through controlled, location-transparent access and storage of large volumes of data. Our system not only offers access control but also tracks and controls document changes. Docyard™ can help organizations digitize documents and provide full-text search capabilities, ultimately creating a single digital repository of all documents in an organization.


Trading Venue Technology

Explore the future of capital markets with INFINIEM™, a groundbreaking suite in InfoTech’s portfolio, alongside our flagship solution, Capizar®. These suites are the keystones of end-to-end automation in both emerging and advanced markets within the capital markets ecosystem. INFINIEM™ encompasses a range of cutting-edge products, including MARLIN® Broker Back Office, INFINIEM™ Trade, and INFINIEM™ Report Center, designed to streamline trading, enhance risk management, and provide comprehensive reporting. Developed by capital market experts with a profound understanding of the industry’s operational and technological complexities, INFINIEM™ is the embodiment of quality and innovation. Join us on a journey where technology meets brilliance, and let’s redefine the future of capital markets together.



Complete Capital Market Solution for End-to-End Financial Operations

Capizar® by InfoTech is your end-to-end capital markets suite, serving every player in the market. Our suite encompasses a range of pivotal offerings, including the Automated Trading Platform, Electronic Depository System, Clearing & Settlement System, Market Surveillance System, Broker Back Office & Order Management System, and Regulatory Compliance Portal. With successful implementations in 13 global markets, Capizar® stands as the trusted choice for market operators, intermediaries, and regulators alike. Notably, Capizar® has earned industry accolades, including the “Financial Industry Application Award” at the P@SHA ICT AWARDS 2011 and the same prestigious honor at the APICTA Awards 2011. Join the ranks of satisfied users and elevate your market operations with Capizar®.



Trade Facilitation Portal & National Single Window

Experience the future of customs management with Cobalt®, InfoTech’s all-inclusive Customs Automation System. This advanced platform leverages the latest technology stack to fully automate customs declaration and clearance procedures, introducing efficiency, cost savings, and security into the process. With end-to-end IT integrations and smart automation, Cobalt® accelerates customs processes and ensures compliance with global and regional standards. It’s the solution to unlock efficiency, expedite clearance, reduce costs, and future-proof your customs operations.



Fully Managed Financial Service Transforming Brokerage Operations

MARLIN®, a fully managed financial service tailored for brokerage firms, redefines brokerage operations. With a comprehensive offering spanning front, back, and middle offices, it addresses challenges faced by the brokerage industry in emerging markets, from compliance demands and soaring operational costs to the need for transparency, innovation, and competitiveness. Unlike first-generation systems that often increase costs and divert focus from core business activities, MARLIN® is designed to enhance efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership. This innovative platform empowers brokerage firms, providing them with a global experience, boosted compliance, transparency, and business efficiency, all backed by InfoTech’s extensive experience in financial market technologies. Recognized with the “Financial Industry Application Award” at the P@SHA ICT AWARDS 2016, MARLIN® offers a rich set of functionalities, including real-time order management, multi-exchange support, customizable front-end, and more, making it a sophisticated yet affordable solution for brokerage firms. Join a global community of brokers and unlock your firm’s potential.



Experience the benefits of an exchange platform without the complexities of building one. Our exchange-as-a-service solution provides a fully managed and customizable platform, enabling you to launch and operate your own exchange with ease. Embrace digital transformation and drive market innovation.


Trade Facilitation Portal & National Single Window

Unlock the full potential of international trade management with infinitrade™, InfoTech’s cutting-edge Trade Facilitation Portal and National Single Window solution. With infinitrade™, you can seamlessly manage every aspect of your trade operations, thanks to its robust features like the Trade Facilitation Portal, National Single Window Framework, integrated interfaces for government agencies (OGA Integrations), banking integrations, and an Information Exchange Module. Simplify your trade processes, foster collaboration, and achieve peak operational efficiency by harnessing the power of InfoTech’s comprehensive Trade Facilitation Portal & National Single Window solution, infinitrade™.

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